Through B2B and Internal Communications,  we create films that communicate a brand’s truth – its purpose and ideology – by understanding why it exists and making sure that ‘why’ remains present whether we are talking about people, products, services or building brand equity.

Anatomik turns challenges into creative opportunities by using three crucial steps.

To re-imagine a new world we HAVE to do things differently

We live in a world faced with immense social and economic challenges. We work as thought partners at the early stages of a project with our clients to co-design a strategy.  Innovation is critical and to innovate we need to harness the power of story.

Who can tell these stories? Where do they lead?

Working across many sectors, we focus on social innovation related issues, all over the world. Using our curiosity about the truth experienced by real people in their daily lives, we work with our clients  to create story-led ideas. Using a Human Centered Design (HCD) approach, we generate user insights, capture ideas & facilitate collaboration for diverse stakeholders, unearthing lived, rather than imagined, realities.  These stories inform and inspire meaningful product, process, or service designs for our clients.  

We tell these stories in meaningful and engaging ways.

We turn academic papers and reports – in areas like sustainability, social entrepreneurship, digital inclusion & gender equality that are often left unread – into meaningful stories that the audience can engage with. 

We work with global companies and organisations wanting to use storytelling to unlock social innovation, particularly in emerging regions of the world. Based out of Cape Town, South Africa, our network has become our resource. Using local navigators across the world we build bridges that connect people and ideas.

We have extensive experience across Africa, and have filmed in countries such as: 
South Africa,
Uganda,  Kenya, 
Liberia, Ghana 
and  Mozambique.
Internationally, we have produced projects in over 70 cities across: 
Europe, the USA, 
South America 
& parts of Asia including  
China , Hong Kong,
Khazakstan and Nepal